OUR Members create savings through strategic aggregation


Hospitals are under heightened pressure to deliver quality care in the midst of rising costs, increasing uncompensated care, and ongoing health reform. Founded on the principle of our members’ dedication to each other and their collective strength, not-for-profit hospitals in Texas collaborate on innovative programs to improve overall performance.


Combined with the expertise of our dedicated staff, our services help members work together to improve the hospital performance.


CLINICAL SERVICES - improve the health of our members’ communities by working together across Texas.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS - provide opportunities to interact with peers, suppliers and industry experts to exchange ideas and share best practices.

PURCHASED SERVICES CONTRACTS - deliver proven expertise to respond to challenging member demands through negotiated, best-value contracts.

COMMITTED PROGRAMS - a unique approach to partnering for improvements through innovative and member-driven collaborative programs.

CHART REVIEW AS ADJUNCT TO HOSPITAL PEER REVIEW PROGRAM - access to a pool of qualified physicians across multiple specialties who can provide confidential, unbiased and objective chart reviews for participating HCT member healthcare organizations.