Committed Programs

Collaboration means increased strength for Healthcare Coalition of Texas Members.  Defined by their not-for-profit missions, member hospitals across Texas work closely together to share issues and solve problems. Over time, these member-driven initiatives have evolved into Committed Programs - innovative and collaborative programs that reduce costs, create efficiencies and improve service quality for participating member organizations.


The Committed Programs provide an open, trusted forum for aggregating purchasing volume around a common variable, such as a dial tone for a long-distance phone call or electricity. Healthcare Coalition of Texas is able to secure deep discounts by committing volume to one contract for all participating health systems.


Although Committed Programs encompass less than 20 percent of Healthcare Coalition of Texas’ purchased services contracting portfolio, the programs have reached over a quarter-billion dollars in aggregate business volume and generate millions of savings in value to participating members.




As a participating member of Committed Programs, you will benefit from:

  • Sustainable cost savings through strategic aggregation
  • Contracting efficiencies based on a common member-buying platform
  • Reduced risk among participants
  • Shared knowledge and leading industry practices
  • Cooperative financial returns



The Committed Programs began with members joining together to contract for a specific service. In 1988, our Committed Telecommunications Program was developed and has now grown to include 14 participating members who all have agreed to commit their telecommunications purchases to a common portfolio of services.


Today, our committed programs include services across: energy, foodservice, freight management, insurance/employee benefits, property and casualty, staffing and telecommunications.


For more information on Committed Programs, please contact us at or 469.366.2100.



For more information on Committed Programs, contact Beau Moon, business development by email or phone at 469-366-2130.